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Photo Gallery

This photo gallery contains photos taken from events that DJ Pavey has performed at. It contains the disco setup in each venue together with guests dancing and enjoying the events. We do try to avoid using images that contain many children and although we do many children’s discos, we don’t take photos at these events to respect the privacy of the children and prevent their images being displayed on our website.

Whilst it is nice to take many photos during events to display on our website, we do ensure that we concentrate on the success of the event in the first instance, we then take the occasional photo when an opportunity arises. All photos that we take at events are added to a dropbox account and an access link is provided to the client after the event to enable them to download and keep those photos as a memory of their event. This is not a service that is sold or promoted by us as we are booked as a Disco Service and will always fulfill that service as a priority.

Click on a photo to see more images from that event.

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