Venue Review – Carisbrooke Lawn Tennis Club

I provided a Children’s Disco in the function room at the Carisbrooke Lawn Tennis Club on 10th March 2018.

The room itself is quite close to the tennis courts so the doors/windows need to remain shut to prevent any noise pollution. The room itself is the perfect size for children’s disco parties as you not only have access to the party room itself (which is more than comfortable size for at least 30 children), you also get access to the bar area which can then be a bit quieter for any adults that want to have a chat.

The room does have quite a few windows that don’t have any curtains/blinds so if you are having a disco in the daytime you will need to use something to cover the windows to help to create a good disco atmosphere. On this occasion we had taped blankets over the windows and this worked fine.

They do have a sound limiter installed which will cut the power should the sound level in the room exceed to limit, this can be tricky to manage for children’s parties as they like to make noise when having fun. On this occasion it wasn’t really an issue so I would say that the limit is quite generous.

Overall I was impressed with the suitability of the Carisbrooke Lawn Tennis Club for childen’s parties and would highly recommend this venue to others.


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